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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last Stuff of 09 -p3

So I'm trying to explore new social networking sites in order to get my work more known, I have no use for twitter but I did find something like it called dailybooth.

"DailyBooth is a photoblogging website designed for users to take a photo of themselves every day with a caption." - wiki

So that's explains it all, I'm not going to bull shit you, I have never seen SO much narcissism and BIG silly Emo hair in all my life, it's like someone said..

"Hay! Lets make a webpage so sexually repressed girls can lust after 1.androgynous 2.anorexic 3.twinks with 4.BIG old lady hair."

On the other hand there is some artistic photography there as well and it seems to be a sight for photo reference for drawings, not to mention there are some good illustrator and other creative people so it's a glass half full or half empty.

Anyway's there way this little British thing that posted this photo

OH MAN! the caption she put sounds like something from a song or a movie , so I had to drawing it.

So that's about it, this is the last Wensday of 2009 and Mom's off to work tomorrow, so it's going to be a isolated reflective new years eve night, I never go out new years anyways so it's sorta a tradition now.

More to come.

Last Stuff of 09 -p2

Pecan PIE Recipe .. sorta.

There was this girl at Walmart getting a Pecan PIE that matched her mocha skin, she was cute and couldn't keep her shoes on but my inner fruit fly wanted to give her a more Bohemian make over, I find my self doing that allot. I'm not into the Sean/Emo or Hipster stuff but I dream of a more multicultural fashion stile sorta Pirate, Hippie, Gypsy like whats going on with the Tribal fusion Belly dancers or a modern Jack Sparrow.

more to come.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Last Stuff of 09 -p1

Zeldathon t shirt and Poster design


More two come.

Friday, December 25, 2009

It's Christmas day 09

Things to be happy for -

Mom's healthy.

Dad's alive

My cat Felidae.

We still have a house.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Sorry there hasn't been any updates, Being rejected from the 22th gallery show at Tate's, really killed my momentum. People keep telling me that I need to get my work out but for Miami's so called booming art seen there really isn't any place for artists that don't do bullshit conceptual art here and goin' to the Winwood art-walk this weekend once again proves that.

This time unlike the past ones I got tot talk with some really impressive painters one on one and hand out fryers for my wed galleries but I couldn't help feeling that I don't belong, walking around feel's like everything's was so pretentious and phony, I'm just a dorky comic book guy and yeah I try to give my work some point but not bash people over the head with it like that shit. ( fucking sculpture made of Legos)

Miami likes to pretend that it's as good as NY an LA but really it's so self-explanatory that there aren't more then two lowbrow/pop art like shop/art galleries to go to that features the type of art that I do, Tate's comics and Pink Ghost an both galleries are run by women who have an obvious bias to cutesy kitschy tokidoki, hello kitty art crap that I don't do. I mean it's not like I have any reservations about doing that sorta shit and I'm not as dynamic as people give me credit for but still I like to think I'm NO WHERE NEAR as one dimensional as this shit. -

So where does my work belong? Comic conventions? Well yeah but that's a once in blue moon thing, that plus I don't the money to do that sorta stuff anyways and you like save up rent a table only to have kids dressed like Naruto staring down at your work confused asking you to draw fanart for a manga character that's name you can't pronounce. [ಠ_ಠ]

Anyways so you can see why I'm a little off my game, That and as a few of you know I like working to some sorta deadline or event and so if the times up or event has passed it's hard for me to stay focused.

Sometimes I just feel's like I'm a big idea man who's plans and idea's go no where, then I think of my Dad who's life was one failed money scheme after another and now he's an old man with nothing to show from it but a life filled with bitterness, regret and envy. Man I fucking don't want to end up like that and that fear is the main reason that I nearly ended it all on the train tracks after I got kicked of art school, (so help me god I'd rather be dead then end up like him.) It doesn't help that my birthday's coming this December, So many people have done so much with their lives and I can't help feeling like I have nothing to show for mine but a stack of crumbling sculpture's and dusty sketchbooks with parents that are becoming feeble and no money to take care of them. At lest it's good to know I'm not alone feeling this way, talking to a few friends around the same age as me, maybe it's all apart of getting older, still it doesn't make things any better to feel like a failure even if your friends fail with you as well, in the end just show's that we all are just loser's.

( Doug's always such a positive guy)
yeah I am but sometimes, you got to be a realest there's a fine line between seeing the glass half full and being in denial.

Anyways I'll try to post some new stuff soon, just excuse me so I can shake off the dust and if my body's a little numb form life's knock out punch.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drinky Poo

When the most Huggable Loveable Gal on the plant gets tipsy and sheds her shoes, the moment needs to be celebrated hahahha! ♡

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween sculpture 09


I know I said I'd have this posted by 12noon but I hit a few snags.

Ok so it done! My first Halloween theme sculpture, introducing..

Scary Larry Loves Halloween.

Larry is a Ghoul but he's a teen Ghoul so he refers to himself as the crypt kid.

Originally I wanted to title it "Scary Larry Loves Halloween, because he gets to hangout with the living kids." but that was WAY to long to paint on base...so yeah.

As you can tell Larry's a little reluctant that his costumes going to work but it his little buddy with the Jack-O-Lantern head is Sammy aka Samhain the spirit of Halloween and the brains behind this ingenious disguise of a (NORMAL HUMAN CHILD!)

Sammy - "Maaaan if they dress up like you monsters guys, why can't you dress up like them? I'm telling ya it's gonna work!"

Larry- "Sigh...I feel stupid"

Sammy - "Really, Cause you look fabulous!"

Larry- "I'm wearing a sign telling them I'm normal, no ones going to believe that."

Sammy - "Humans are dumb, Now focus! It's all about the free candy."

So that's the sorta conversation going on with them, As you can imagine it's going to be a interesting night for the kid's but hopefully all turns out well.

Like I said I've been working on it most of this week when I should of been sleeping and now I most move on back to the other stuff, For more info on "Scary Larry Love's Halloween" watch the youtube clip and I explain it all.

I heard that a few people cant see the youtube vid clips I've been posting, so I posted some photo's as backup but I dropped my digital camera and now it seem's the focus isn't what it used to be.. sucks.

All right, thats it

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT and recommend my work to your friends, I want to start doing post's of sculptures that I intend to sell at some point but I need more people to subscribe first.

Thanks for reading and have fun tonight.



Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Watch classic horror movies 24/7 on Theater Macabre on Justin.tv

Watch live video from Theater Macabre on Justin.tv

Friday, October 23, 2009

Art VS Aretifism 01 the Wal-art girl

Ok so this is the first in a line of sexy mini pin-up posters called Art VS Aretifism that I'm working on hopefully to sell at the November 22, 2009 Small Stuff 3 tates comics bear and bird gallery show. Now lats year I submitted three pieces two that were more earth goddess like and one that was foot fetish piece 8/10 cardboard drawing seen here , well out of the 3 the FF was the only one that sold not that but sold for $30! to this lovey gentlemen here who I'm hoping to run into to that next show. Anyways like any good business man (yeah right, I give most of my work away for free) if something sells make more and that's the plan, ok So I know your saying to you self Doug we know your "foot freak"( God I hate that phrase b.t.w) so what's the big shit, all your artwork is influenced by your fetish in one way or the other and yeah that's true but in the past I've always tried to be a little subversive about it an this is the first time ever that I'm being more forward or "out" (as gays say) with the subject, even so to the point that with each piece I'll be listing my thoughts feeling to what motivated me to do each pinup at the time.

I must stress the point that unlike other foot fetish henti stuff out there, I wanted this stuff to be a bit more tasteful, so to the ordinary or vanilla viewer the blatancy of the sensuality may not be as apparent but to the eye's of the more kinky aka chocolate viewer the Sexiness of the pinup is there. Now as a friend pointed out I could just add a bit more ass an tit's to make the sexuality more universal and then increase the marketability but that would defeat the point of what I'm trying to do. See the point I'm trying to make or at least the concept is I'm showing the world from my eye's and mostly how I see the girls that catch my eye's when I'm out an about. As for now each one will be based off random girls that seem to stand out when I'm out, So far I only have one and I did do another but that was before I decided to go with only drawing anonymous girls, I'm doing so because drawing anonymous gals allows me more freedom to focus less on the accuracy of the portraiture and more of the feeling but if things get close to the deadline and I haven't done enough I may bend the rules. At some point I'd like to print one out on a t-shirt see hot it looks this is that plan one for that -

Aretifism is a sexual attraction to people who are without footwear. While such people are necessarily barefoot, wearing transparent hosiery, or wearing shoes or sandals without socks, the attraction is usually not to the foot but to its naked vulnerability.

When people ask I describe my self to be an Aretifist

getting back, so starting with Wal-art girl -

Wal-art was a cute thing I bumped into when I was in a Walmart line picking up my mom's meds, She was walking around with a friend until they parted ways so she could drop-off a prescription, Now I've said it before unlike most guys the first thing I look at is a girls outfit to sorta get a window into her personalty, then her face and then yes is she's in open shoes THEN my eye's move to her feet. For me clothing an body language is an aphrodisiac and in this case she was in a cute retro 80's pink neon T with cut denim shorts an geta style wood sandals (witch is always a plus) I tried to capture the moment when her shoe that was dangling off her foot, fell and then she uncrossed her legs to slip it back on upon when her friend walked back to tell her that she couldn't find the bird food in the pet section. Latter as I waited in the checkout line, I looked over to see them in the line next to me, so I broke out my mini sketch pad, to capture what I could, I din't put it in the pinup but I lived the way her huge tote bag seemed to way on her thin frame causing her to lean ageist any object near to her and that heaviness worked it's way down to her feet as she slipped on an off her shoes as they stood to the point that it almost seemed like a slow dance. Before I left I walked to talk to them, after commenting her I told her I was planning on drawing her because I liked her style and she had cute feet as always she said " Umm no ones ever said that they were cute before, but thanks"

Anyways so that's the back story, I should print it out and add it to the back or maybe not, so thanks for reading and I'll post the next one as soon as it done

Oh B.T.W

Seeing that I'm covering the subject of Aretifism here is a list of Paraphilia

Paraphilia In psychology and sexology, paraphilia (in Greek para παρά = besides and -philia φιλία = love) is a term that describes sexual arousal in response to sexual objects or situations which may interfere with the capacity for reciprocal affectionate sexual activity. Paraphilia may also be used to imply non-mainstream sexual practices without necessarily implying any dysfunction or moral deviance.


The word is used differently by different groups. As used in psychology or sexology, it is simply a neutral umbrella term used to cover a wide variety of atypical sexual interests.

;Clinical definition: A paraphilic interest is not normally considered clinically important by clinicians unless it is also causing suffering of some kind, or strongly inhibiting a "normal" sex life (according to the subjective standards of the culture and times).

List of paraphilias

* Abasiophilia: love of (or sexual attraction to) people who use leg braces or other orthopaedic appliances

* Acrotomophilia: love of (or sexual attraction to) amputees

* Agalmatophilia: sexual attraction to statues or mannequins or immobility

* Algolagnia: sexual pleasure from pain

* Amaurophilia: sexual arousal by a partner whom one is unable to see due to artificial means, such as being blindfolded or having sex in total darkness. (See: sensory deprivation)

* Andromimetophilia: love of women dressed as men

* Apodysophilia: desire to undress, see also nudism

* Apotemnophilia: desire to have (or sexual arousal from having) a healthy appendage (limb, digit, or male genitals) amputated

* Aquaphilia: arousal from water and/or in watery environments, including swimming pools

* Aretifism: sexual attraction to people who are without footwear, in contrast to retifism
Aretifism -That's Me! See I don't seem so freaky compared to all the others now do I :D

* Asphyxiophilia: sexual attraction to asphyxia; also called breath control play; including
autoerotic asphyxiation; see medical warnings

* Autogynephilia: love of oneself as a woman (also see Blanchard, Bailey, and Lawrence theory for discussion on controversy)

* Biastophilia: sexual pleasure from committing rape

* Celebriphillia: pathological desire to have sex with a celebrity.

* Coprophilia: sexual attraction to (or pleasure from) feces

* Crush fetish: sexual arousal from seeing small creatures being crushed by members of the opposite sex, or being crushed oneself

* Dacryphilia: sexual pleasure in eliciting tears from others or oneself

* Diaper fetishism: sexual arousal from diapers

* Emetophilia (a.k.a. vomerophilia): sexual attraction to vomit

* Ephebophilia (a.k.a. hebephilia): sexual attraction towards adolescents

* Eproctophilia: sexual attraction to flatulence

* Exhibitionism: sexual arousal through sexual behavior in view of third parties (also includes the recurrent urge or behavior to expose one's genitals to an unsuspecting person, known as indecent exposure)

* Faunoiphilia: sexual arousal from watching animals mate

* Fetishism: is the use of non-sexual or nonliving objects or part of a person's body to gain sexual excitement. Examples include::: Balloon fetishism foot fetishism (podophilia) leather fetishism medical fetishism robot fetishism shoe fetishism spandex fetishism -- transvestic fetishism (see below)

* Frotteurism: sexual arousal from the recurrent urge or behavior of touching or rubbing against a nonconsenting person

* Galactophilia: sexual attraction to human milk or lactating women

* Gastergastrizophilia: sexual arousal derived from the sight of or sensations associated with someone (usually female) receiving punches in the stomach; AKA, "bellypunching."

* Gerontophilia: sexual attraction towards the elderly

* Haematophilia: sexual attraction involving blood (either on a sex partner/attractive person or the liquid itself; not to be confused with haemophilia, a genetic disorder of the blood)

* Harpaxophilia: sexual arousal from being the victim of a robbery or burglary

* Hematolagnia: sexual attraction to blood

* Hybristophilia: sexual arousal to people who have committed crimes, in particular cruel or outrageous crimes

* Infantilism: sexual pleasure from dressing, acting, or being treated as a baby

* Klismaphilia: sexual pleasure from enemas

* Lust murder: sexual arousal through committing murder

* Macrophilia: sexual attraction to larger people and large things (including larger body organs such as breasts and genitalia)

* Maiesiophilia: sexual attraction to childbirth or pregnant women

* Masochism: is the recurrent urge or behavior of wanting to be humiliated, beaten, bound, or otherwise made to suffer

* Microphilia: sexual attraction to smaller people and things of smaller size

* Mysophilia: sexual attraction to soiled, dirty, foul or decaying material

* Necrophilia: sexual attraction to corpses

* Necrozoophilia: sexual attraction to the corpses or killings of animals (also known as necrobestiality)

* Nepiophilia: the same as infantophilia sexual attraction to children between the age of 0 - 3 yrs.

* Pedophilia: sexual attraction to prepubescent children (also spelt paedophilia in some countries)

* Pictophilia: inability to become sexually aroused except through the use of pictorial pornography

* Plushophilia: sexual attraction to stuffed toys or people in animal costume, such as theme park characters

* Pyrophilia: sexual arousal through watching, setting, hearing/talking/fantasizing about fire

* Retifism: sexual arousal from shoes

* Sadism: is the recurrent urge or behavior involving acts in which the pain or humiliation of the victim is sexually exciting

* Sitophilia: sexual arousal from food

* Somnophilia: sexual arousal from sleeping or unconscious people

* Spectrophilia: sexual attraction to ghosts

* Telephone scatologia: being sexually aroused by making obscene telephone calls

* Teratophilia: sexual attraction to deformed or monstrous people

* Transformation fetish: sexual arousal from depictions of transformations of people into objects or other beings

* Transvestic fetishism: is a sexual attraction towards the clothing of the opposite gender (also known as transvestitism)

* Trichophilia: love (or sexual arousal) from hair

* Urolagnia: sexual attraction to urine

* Vorarephilia: sexual attraction to being eaten by, and/or eating, another person or creature

* Voyeurism: sexual arousal through watching others having sex (also includes the recurrent urge or behavior to observe an unsuspecting person who is naked, disrobing or engaging in sexual activities, see peeping tom)

* Xenophilia: sexual attraction to foreigners (in science fiction, can also mean sexual attraction to aliens)

* Zoophilia: emotional or sexual attraction to animals

* Zoosadism: the sexual enjoyment of causing pain and suffering to animals


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Ok so I couldn't sleep, so I up and did this... Well it's 8:30 am better go make breakfast.

Crappy horror movie reviews

Oh before I go wile doing the Two-Face drawing I was watching the Jtv and saw two sorta new horror movies-

One Missed Call (2008)


The Uninvited (2009)

ok so here's my thoughts on them.

and I know that bad things only happen to the hottest people in horror flicks but for fuck sake, through in some average looking people and the movies would be a little more believable.

On that note, on to The Uninvited: Really?! Fuckin' Come ON, the twits endings are a little over done now. That and Emily Browning should do more period piece movies instead of this crap, She's got that classic look to her that makes me think she could pull off some fru fru costume drama shit better then horror and man would it be fun to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Cate Blanchett in a tuxedo grabbing her lustfully then pinning her to a wall hahaha!

Oh I know I'm contradicting my self by what I just said about hottest people in horror but Arielle Kebbel who played the trampy older sister Alex... DUDE-yeah-wow me like her.

Well she look's like Maxim fodder as an actress but she was stunning in this movie to me.

Ok so that's all, I tried not to give any spoilers but the movies suck so it wouldn't make a difference anyhow, I really just enjoy the silliness of story's with events that go wrong or that don't have happy ending and in the end that's all horror movies are, that's why you don't really have to focus on the plot because they always go the same way with things starting out good and then going to shit.

If your looking to "kill" (sorry I had to) sometime with a fun horror flick's 24/7 click the link below.



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10 minprojects.. sorta

Well this took more then ten minutes more like two days, I fell a sleep wile drawing it's but it's done, I'm going to be posting the first in a line of mini sexy pin-up posters I'm working on hopefully to sell at the November 22, 2009 Small Stuff 3 tates comics bear and bird gallery show.


Monday, October 19, 2009

corporate frankenstein

I got to stop over thinking and just draw for drawing,
I'm going to try and do more of these 10 minprojects

that's all.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Non Stop toons( click the arrow in the box & watch anytime)

Watch live video from . on Justin.tv

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Orobasart webpage+ new Me Flyer + Drinking and Drawin

So that's my new me FLYER to advertise my work, sadly as I post this blog I still haven't posted anything up on deviantart or fixed my linkedin but I'll get to it with some help from my lovely friends. OH! speaking of lovely friends as a few of you know this weekend was the first official Miami Fl "Drinking and Drawing" and my most stunning friend Jenny few back from Gallup New Mexico for the weekend to go, I only got to see her for the Sunday night but a short time spend with people you truly love can last a life time... (sorry, yeah I get hammy sometimes but I don't know what else to say) But all an all the drink & draw was pretty cool and I'm looking froward to another one.

Also I can't even think of the words to express my unequivocal gratefulness to Melody for making me a AWESOME Wedpage for free out of the pure goodness of her heart. (There goes that hammyness again, sorry) GOD it feels SO liberating when someone asks to see more of my art work from now on I can just say -

"Oh just go to OrobasArt.com"

AAAHHHHHHHHH! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! and so easy to remember! ... GOD Mel if your reading this, I know I said it before but thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Most of all she finished it just in time so I could make the flyers to pass out during the D&D and that was really a lifesaver and I'm really looking forward to having them with me next month when the next artwalk goes on. Wow man how could I forget to bring that up, well this weekend was my first time doing the Wynwood artwarlk, Honestly there was Some good stuff but mostly there was allot of shitty self important art that was only on display because the artists have the right connections not because of talent.

Fucking pennies glued to a mannequin... REALLY?!

What the fuck man? I'm not dissin' on it for being stupid, it's more of a fuck I wish I thought of that to get some old rich fucks money. Unlike most other geeks I know, I don't hate modern art, I'm all for it but as an artist the first thing I think of when I look at something is if I could of reproduce it (well no, every one sorta does that but you get the point.) So if that thing your looking at some paper mache doggys glued upside down selling for $800.50 and some fucktards are buying it ONLY because of the artists name, you can see why I would get a little mad.

On the other hand I was diggin' the Boho feel of the place and with all the freaks and arty people sorta felt like being in another city, Miami can be a crappy place to live sometimes with all the fake self absorbed people but every once in a wile it feels like your living in a move, I don't know if that makes any sense. Only thing that I can't help to get a little pissed off about the design district is all the fucking "urban renewal" bullshit a.k.a kick out all the poor black folks for white gay yuppies and eurotrash, it's like a big pink broom descends from the sky saying "eww look at all this muddy people, sweep sweep." what ever, fucking sucks but that's life.

Still it's had not to see the irony in it all, like at the end of the night my friend and I went to this swanky restaurant to watch her guy's band preform and the fucking restaurant was a part of converted creepy motel, I'm not kidding the place must be hunted by the Ghosts hundred dead prostitutes ... I don't to sound like I'm shitting on the place, it was awesome and really beautiful to see what was done with the it after all it's most of been threw over the years and it definitely hade character. The owners wife said that in the mornings Manatees swim up to the rail to be fed, isn't that cool? No I'm not being sarcastic, It's beautiful but that's just it, that explains it all. In the hart of a Ex seedy motel you have a hippie vegan breakfast wile feeding wild Manatees and bask in the joy of natures wonders, then look up across the canal to watch the haggard strippers and lonely guys stumble into work at the strip club just over the water but that analogy describes what Miami's all about I guess.

Getting the to the subject, I'm still new to this self promotion stuff and I've still got allot a growing to do but this weekend felt like a step in the right direction and I think the new flyers show it.

..Well sorta but yeah like I said I've got a few bugs to work out but I'm getting there.

Anyways remember to bookmark OrobasArt.com


Friday, October 9, 2009

fucking SEXY shit

Today I was having breakfast wile mom was I was watching Good Morning America and there was a commercial for the clothing store Marshalls "shopportunities"and the fucking thing nearly gave me a aneurysm. It was a parody of Sienna Miller when she was going through her public barefooting faze aka the time I fell in LOVE with her hahahha.. Anyways I feels uncomfortable when my mom talks about my love for so acted like I didn't see it at all when she said "that a girl for you", I don't know why but I hate talking about anything involving women I'm attracted to with my mom, she's always had such a negative concept of sex an sexuality, that now when ever the subject pops up with company and she's anywhere near I can't even respond, witch is odd if you know how vulgar/uninhibited I am.

Getting back to the Marshalls commercial, It was about this famous trendy girl named "Sienna" that has started "barfootin" and she's giving up all her shoes, so now all the other trendy girls will do the same so with all the hip girls going barefoot, All the normal girls can buy shoes for cheep or something like that, I was running out to catch a bus at the time but I couldn't believe my eye's, I looked all over the net but I couldn't seem to find in on youtude or anywhere else so I guess it's brand new add but it's been looping in my head over an over all day like a bad song and I know it won't stop till I see it again.

Anyways this is my desktop wallpaper -

I found it on a FUCKING AWESOME Vintage BLOG ♡Lost in the 60's ♡

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Business card goddess

I drew this urban earth goddess to be on my business card, I did it WAY BACK when I was still in AI and found it in a old comic book I had laying around, So I decided to color it so I could one day use her on stuff like notepads and other crap.

P.S the back ground was added just for this blog not for the real drawing.

- End

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This made me crack up

The Mr. Bean tv show's choral theme is called..

Ecce homo qui est faba

"Behold the man who is a bean"


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Wraith, ghost Sculptures and I can't focus VID

OK so once again here are some Vlogs updates showing what I'm working on, I've been trying to do more drawings on the wacom tablet rather then drawing things externally then scanning and just coloring stuff on it but doing it on a laptop is strange, that and I need to empty out my memory.

anyways on with the show

Wraith, ghost Sculptures and I can't focus P.1


Wraith, ghost Sculptures and I can't focus P.2


Wraith, ghost Sculptures and I can't focus P.3


Friday, October 2, 2009

old joke I tell

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old work - portrait of Leila

Old friend on space, I did another drawing of her but I can seem to find it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That's it, my head just exploded

I've had a crush on Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer Rachel Brice for years now but it's only been for her performances, I've only read one and seen two interviews with her but this one nearly killed me when she describes her costume inspirations -

Whisper To Me in Hungarian - Rachel Brice & Frank London


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First youtube VID! and Sculpture update1

My cameras rechargeable batteries are dying, so it's been hell trying to get the photo's I wanted to take but it also makes videos , so I thought what the hell. Ok so this is my first time EVER posting anything on youtube, sorry if it's a little crappy because the batteries dyed at the end of each one, I have to admit making this vid was a time saver and I'll be doing more latter on but I wont get carried away.

If you didn't see it before read the past post's called -
what's all this shit, where's the fucking ART

and for the back story on it check out -
So yeh [ಠ_ಠ]

Anyways enjoy -

MY Cult priestess Sculpture. P1 Sep, 2009


MY Cult priestess Sculpture. P2 Sep, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

FUCK mormon vampires!

I Hate vampires (BIG UP'S to werewolves!) but I hate shitty glittery mormon ones even more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diary of a Mad Old Man (1987) Cannon Films

How did I ever miss this?! I'm SO getting it, for you that don't know my two favorite film genres are occult (Satanic sex orgy) genre films of the late 60's and early 70's and MOST OF ALL unrequited love movies or as I call um FUCKED UP LOVE MOVIES.

Movies like Lolita (1997), Gods and Monsters (1998) I just love watching love go wrong, So I don't know how I missed this one.

Diary of a Mad Old Man (1987) trailer (Cannon Films)

I can't find any info on it but it seems to be based on a Japanese book by Junichiro Tanizaki and there is a 1962 Japanese Film adaptation seen here but that's all I got so far, no IMDB links or anything as of yet. I got to admit I kinda feel weird about seeing it only because I sorta see my self ending up like this guy when I get old, god knows I'll never connect with someone my own age when I get that old that and how can I say this ... Well there nothing pleasant about old lady feet. Not to mention it's bad enough that I'm so easily manipulated, so that I can only see something like this happening to me in the future-

Oh well I guess like the movies I love I'm doomed, hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa suck.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some pic's of stuff from last night at Jez's place

Jez and Mel's birthdays had just past and I dont like to show up empty handed so I made them Horns.

I also spent the night drawing on the girls, as always.

Was a good time, awesome food as always but most of all I always feel at home. My friend Lue went for the first time and stayed all night, So he seem to enjoy him self as well, we all sat around watching the (1985) movie Legend with tom cruise and Tim Curry, making fun of the insane amount of glitter Ridley Scott used to make the movie.

Well I'm going to try and finish some stuff up to post this weekend so stay tuned.