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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Crappy horror movie reviews

Oh before I go wile doing the Two-Face drawing I was watching the Jtv and saw two sorta new horror movies-

One Missed Call (2008)


The Uninvited (2009)

ok so here's my thoughts on them.

and I know that bad things only happen to the hottest people in horror flicks but for fuck sake, through in some average looking people and the movies would be a little more believable.

On that note, on to The Uninvited: Really?! Fuckin' Come ON, the twits endings are a little over done now. That and Emily Browning should do more period piece movies instead of this crap, She's got that classic look to her that makes me think she could pull off some fru fru costume drama shit better then horror and man would it be fun to see Jonathan Rhys Meyers or Cate Blanchett in a tuxedo grabbing her lustfully then pinning her to a wall hahaha!

Oh I know I'm contradicting my self by what I just said about hottest people in horror but Arielle Kebbel who played the trampy older sister Alex... DUDE-yeah-wow me like her.

Well she look's like Maxim fodder as an actress but she was stunning in this movie to me.

Ok so that's all, I tried not to give any spoilers but the movies suck so it wouldn't make a difference anyhow, I really just enjoy the silliness of story's with events that go wrong or that don't have happy ending and in the end that's all horror movies are, that's why you don't really have to focus on the plot because they always go the same way with things starting out good and then going to shit.

If your looking to "kill" (sorry I had to) sometime with a fun horror flick's 24/7 click the link below.




BlueIllustrations said...

Omfg. I saw both movies and they are BOTH retarded. I agree with said reviews.

Please watch Shiver when you get the chance. It's fun times!!

The Ororbas Art & life of Me said...

Thanks V.. NO WAY Shiver the 2008 movie? maaaan thats just another killer kid, she was a "vampire wild child" whaa ok so she got lost in the jungle and survived on her own, making her a vicious predator and There's no indication that she's supernatural in any way and yet we're led to believe for part of the film she could have vampiristic tendencies. hahaha "nigga please"

But yeah that's what makes it fun now that you mention it :D

Oh I saw the The Unborn (2009) - yeah another killer kid and that bitch was WAAAAAAAAY to hot to be the main victim, then again it was Produced by Michael(king douche)Bay

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