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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

New Orobasart webpage+ new Me Flyer + Drinking and Drawin

So that's my new me FLYER to advertise my work, sadly as I post this blog I still haven't posted anything up on deviantart or fixed my linkedin but I'll get to it with some help from my lovely friends. OH! speaking of lovely friends as a few of you know this weekend was the first official Miami Fl "Drinking and Drawing" and my most stunning friend Jenny few back from Gallup New Mexico for the weekend to go, I only got to see her for the Sunday night but a short time spend with people you truly love can last a life time... (sorry, yeah I get hammy sometimes but I don't know what else to say) But all an all the drink & draw was pretty cool and I'm looking froward to another one.

Also I can't even think of the words to express my unequivocal gratefulness to Melody for making me a AWESOME Wedpage for free out of the pure goodness of her heart. (There goes that hammyness again, sorry) GOD it feels SO liberating when someone asks to see more of my art work from now on I can just say -

"Oh just go to OrobasArt.com"

AAAHHHHHHHHH! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?! and so easy to remember! ... GOD Mel if your reading this, I know I said it before but thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Most of all she finished it just in time so I could make the flyers to pass out during the D&D and that was really a lifesaver and I'm really looking forward to having them with me next month when the next artwalk goes on. Wow man how could I forget to bring that up, well this weekend was my first time doing the Wynwood artwarlk, Honestly there was Some good stuff but mostly there was allot of shitty self important art that was only on display because the artists have the right connections not because of talent.

Fucking pennies glued to a mannequin... REALLY?!

What the fuck man? I'm not dissin' on it for being stupid, it's more of a fuck I wish I thought of that to get some old rich fucks money. Unlike most other geeks I know, I don't hate modern art, I'm all for it but as an artist the first thing I think of when I look at something is if I could of reproduce it (well no, every one sorta does that but you get the point.) So if that thing your looking at some paper mache doggys glued upside down selling for $800.50 and some fucktards are buying it ONLY because of the artists name, you can see why I would get a little mad.

On the other hand I was diggin' the Boho feel of the place and with all the freaks and arty people sorta felt like being in another city, Miami can be a crappy place to live sometimes with all the fake self absorbed people but every once in a wile it feels like your living in a move, I don't know if that makes any sense. Only thing that I can't help to get a little pissed off about the design district is all the fucking "urban renewal" bullshit a.k.a kick out all the poor black folks for white gay yuppies and eurotrash, it's like a big pink broom descends from the sky saying "eww look at all this muddy people, sweep sweep." what ever, fucking sucks but that's life.

Still it's had not to see the irony in it all, like at the end of the night my friend and I went to this swanky restaurant to watch her guy's band preform and the fucking restaurant was a part of converted creepy motel, I'm not kidding the place must be hunted by the Ghosts hundred dead prostitutes ... I don't to sound like I'm shitting on the place, it was awesome and really beautiful to see what was done with the it after all it's most of been threw over the years and it definitely hade character. The owners wife said that in the mornings Manatees swim up to the rail to be fed, isn't that cool? No I'm not being sarcastic, It's beautiful but that's just it, that explains it all. In the hart of a Ex seedy motel you have a hippie vegan breakfast wile feeding wild Manatees and bask in the joy of natures wonders, then look up across the canal to watch the haggard strippers and lonely guys stumble into work at the strip club just over the water but that analogy describes what Miami's all about I guess.

Getting the to the subject, I'm still new to this self promotion stuff and I've still got allot a growing to do but this weekend felt like a step in the right direction and I think the new flyers show it.

..Well sorta but yeah like I said I've got a few bugs to work out but I'm getting there.

Anyways remember to bookmark OrobasArt.com



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