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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fixations, Larry Clark and Fucked up Teens

After seeing this one gal during Zeldathon, I've become fixated with thin trampy girls, If you know me when it come to drawing women I tend to go threw a sorta flavor of the month thing and obsess on obscure little things like clothes, mannerisms , stereotypes.

That I'm compelled to recreated in any artistic medium I can get my hands on.

Here's a few -

A) Girls in Suspenders and cutoff shorts.

B) Chubby gal's laying on their tummy's with their feet up behind them.

C) Women with Smoking pipes

D) Girls that ship off their shoes under tables and sit hugging their knees and play with their toes at restaurants.

E) Dangling Dr Scholls

F) When a girls are chewing gum, wraps it's around their finger and pulls it.

G) 80s fitness girls. (this Video's So tacky but I can't help loving it)

H) Flat chested girls in baggy Spaghetti Strap Tank tops that keep's falling off the shoulders causing Nip SlipWardrobe Malfunctions but she really doesn't give a fuck.

I) Leg warmers and flipflops.

J) Long Mirrored Gypsy Skirts and black leather jackets

K) The clinking sound that comes from bangles when a women tucks her hair behind her ear.

L) Barefooter Redheads

M) The Amish

- Anyways you get the point.

So yeah now it's skinny tramps and I've drawn a few pin-up, one loosely based on the girl that inspired all this and another that I'm calling "babysitter cliche" that I'll post here as soon as I color it. The reason all this started is that girl almost sorta reminded me of a character you would see in Director Larry Clark's (2001) film Bully, The ONLY film that I've ever seen that portrays the aimless Suburban Youth of Broward County so accurately and is based on actual events.

The movie is based on the 1993 murder of Bobby Kent in Cooper City, a suburb west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specifically, Marty Puccio (Renfro), Alice Willis (Phillips), Lisa Connelly (Miner), and others are the real-life counterparts of the characters in the film. Many of the convicted teens were released after serving several years in prison; today, only three are still serving prison sentences.

It's a sleazy movie about sleazy people directed by a sleazy guy, whats not to love?

My favorite character Heather June Swallers played by Kelli Garner-

Purely of esthetics there's not much to Heather's character, her brain is a fresh piece of toast so she's pretty much just a hot zombie in shorts an barefeet but as you guessed that's what I LOVE about her. Dont get me wrong, I've known girls like her in real life and I didn't much enjoy their company or would I invite them in my house but they are fun to watch from a safe distance and recreate in my art but so far I haven't done it as well as I'd liked.

The only thing that comes close to capturing that same feeling of sexy scummyness Larry Clark brings to his films that is represented in illustrations of Ross Campbell

And recently I discoved the work of German artist Biele

So hopefully with my attempt of capturing the essence of suburban tramp will be as successful as theirs, So as soon as finish coloring first my "babysitter cliche" I'll post it here and I better work quick because I'll need to finish it before I impulsivity move on to my next fixation, God only knows what silliness that'll be.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is Using A Minotaur To Gore Detainees A Form Of Torture?

I found this AWESOME clip just now from TheOnion, God I love any parodies of FOXNEW'S but this clip is my all time favorite - Obama Axes Pentagon Plan To Build Billion Dollar Tank In Shape Of Dragon

Anyways I thought it was a good excuse (no pun in tended) to repost some pic's from my "Asterius's last breath" Minotaur sculpture -

Zeldathon 09 Body art set 2 photo's

OK, I still have more I need to clean up before I post them, so that's for latter it's 7:03am need to sleep.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

(Fifty-Fifty Clown)

So this morning My Mom woke me up to tell me S was on the phone, Mom was all happy because she thinks she had a psychic premonition that S would want to be with me again now that we broke up and she went off to make a new life in New Zealand.

I don't believe in psychic shit but I was caught off guard and slightly optimistic, so here's the run down of quick the conversation -

Me - "Haaaay, I didn't think I was going to hear from you."

Her - "Oh well I still have your T,H,X 1138 DVD, I was wondering if I could drop it off?"

Me - Yeah ok that's cool, I'm leaving in a few minutes but I'll be here for awhile, anyways so how was your trip"

Her - "It was awesome! It's really beautiful but I'm moving to Portland now."

Me- "Oh.. Wow, ok well that's cool."

Her - "Ok so I'll head over."

( hang up)

Then my Mom - "SEE! I told you she couldn't stay away."

- I didn't respond.

So I rolled out of bed an got ready, then killed sometime by listening to the Tarantino interview on NPR's show "Fresh Air", My gut felt like it was crawling with bugs, I was to nervous to eat but I played it cool. Next thing I know it's the door bell an I'm off to get it, when I opened the door she was just a nervous as I was maybe more so. It kinda made me feel better, That and she was in a rush - "I can't really stay, I've got to get to work" she said.

I was like- "Yeah I understand." Then she leaned in with her cheek for a kiss and as I put my hand on her waist, she slightly brushed it off and let it go, it was like she was saying with her body language "you can't do that but I'll let you." After that she was about to run, when my Mom started calling to her from inside the kitchen, She's not like Jen she's to polite, she had to go in side now an say Hello. Mom gave her a big hug and my one yr old smart ass cat Felidae was standing on his hind legs touching her knees meowing an begging to be pick up like a baby, it was like the warmth of my house SUCKED her in and she was trying to run out, I just stood by the door smirking at the silliness of it all. When she made her goodbyes she ran off I told her to send me photo's from her trip but really I didn't know what to say, so that was it.

Once again it's over.

Another page has turned, 9 years done with Jen and now 3 months with S , people have been calling her my rebound but I can't see it like that, it was what it was and that's more then a rebound.

But God Dam it's been so long since this all went down hill, like a month or two and she looked the same but different. She's still sooooo beautiful but just so conservatively dressed compared to when I first met her, It's obviously because of work but still, It's something that was ever present and growing from when she first graduated till now. When I first met her she was all hippied out, with wild hair and barefoot now it's UN-ripped Jeans an sneakers. Most "normal" guy's, if you ask them what they look at first on a woman they'll probably say boob's but for me it's the outfit and it's like what first attracted me to her so long ago was gone replaced by this so called adult.

But that's the root of it isn't it that's way she left me, HELL that's way Jen left me as well, because I'm mother fucking Peter Pan, I'm 31 year old who hasn't "grown up" but you know what FUCK IT! .. I'm sick of being judged and when your in a relationship that's what inevitably ends up happening, the other person needs you to pull your weight and be there equal, That's all well an fine but right now I'm a loser and I'm ok with it... sorta. I mean I'm fixing my life but at my own speed and now that I'm single I don't have to answer or feel guilt if I'm not living up to any one's standers but my own. So yeah I hang out with people younger then my self but then trying to make friends with the fucking people my age suck, all they talk about is their fucking kids and are Married or desperately trying to get married + have kids before their sperm count/ovaries frizzle up and die - Fuck that noise!

I've come to relies that I fell in love with the S that was care free living the college Dorm life but I fell out of love with the one who's facing the "Real world" the one that had to grow up and be responsible.... Or more like it, she fell out of love with me.

SO fuck it! it's over and I'm not looking for anyone else, I'm done with sex, love, all grownup bull shit, I'm free now right? "sigh"

Well I guess it's back to looking for freshmen gal's who are new to Miami, New gal's that have no friends and are in need of someone older/wiser to trust and take care them, that won't try to fuck them or fuck them over, just suck their toes once in a wile.

I seem to pay that roll better anyhow, better then boyfriend anyways.


Monday, August 24, 2009

*NEW WORK* Kosamebou Statue wip pic's 2

Well the Kappa has new arms, fucking took me long enough.

When I started this piece WAY back in July I thought I'd be painting it by now (To think of it, back then I never thought I wouldn't be single again ether) just goes to show you never know how life's going to turn out, you can plan all you want but you never know what life's going to toss at you.

Anyways here are the second set of Work in Progress (WIP) pic's of my new Kappa Statue -

It's hard to make out but he's holding a empty Saki gord in his left hand. The arm's are still unbaked, I still need to detail the scales on them and after that I'll start working on Shell, I don't think the cams picking it up but I changed the head a little since I last posed photo's. I added more to the jaw line an the chin, as well as to the forehead, I still need to fix his eyebrows but I'm still thinking it over if it's necessary or not.

Well it''s monday so this is my last day to work before Mom gets back, better strike while the iron's hot an get as much done as I can, looks like it's going to be a LONG week but there's light at the end of the tunnel.


Time to look at people who have the same Bday as me.

Celebrities born on: December 6 same day as ME, Power to the Sagittarius!

Judd Apatow

Date of Birth December 6, 1967
Claim to Fame Freaks and Geeks (Executive Producer), Undeclared (Creator), 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up (director)

Richard Pryor

Date of Birth December 6, 1940
Highly influential, and always controversial, African/American actor/comedian who was equally well known for his colorful language during his live comedy shows, as for his fast paced life, multiple marriages and battles with drug addiction. He has been acknowledged by many modern comic

Craig Newmark

Date of Birth December 6, 1952
Claim to Fame Craigslist

Craig Alexander Newmark (born 6 December 1952 in Hillside, New Jersey) is an Internet entrepreneur best known for being the founder of the San Francisco-based website Craigslist.

Dave Brubeck
Date of Birth December 6, 1920
Claim to Fame Take Five

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Zeldathon 09 Body art set one photo's

Ok that's the first set, I'm still cleaning up the others but the way things have been going on this week it will take me sometime.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Zeldathon 09

So Zeldathon 09 at the FIU college radio station is over, It Started this past Friday August 14th and ended around 5:30am Tuesday August 18 morning. They played 7 Zelda video games in a row, non-stop, while webcasting everything to raise money for the National Children's Advocacy Center, they exceed the goal of $1,501 by raising $1,530.50.

the recapped footage is in the archives replaying here

Watching my self on cam is So odd, I'm so goofy and I got to work on my giggling but it seemed that I wasn't as annoying as I saw my self, the response form the people in the ustream chat towards me was all around pleasant.

HAHA I made it a goal not to be called "the bald guy"or "the fat guy"so I painted my name on my shirt but the G in Doug was to close to my armpit so it just look like Dou.

Anyways it was good to be out of the house and not doing home repairs crap like the other past weeks, It's like I never got a break after my New Zealand break-up with S to just socialize an meet new people just to get her off my mind, So this weekend was the breath of fresh air that I REALLY needed. I met a lot of cool people but it seemed like this zeldathon was Sean's world seeing that most of the new people there were his friends, Good folks but I can see the difference between Miami and Broward County people that was always talked about by others and I miss the old days when I could travel between both world's.

I mostly hung out in the back the first few days because there was to many people in the office that's why I wasn't on cam that much at first half but I made up for it on the last night, Like last year the Zeldathon Team was made up of Pablo, Sean, Andrew (Wyzan) played but Juan (johnny midnight) stepped in after Andrew Julian announced he wouldn't be able to join in on the 90 game. Oh! and This girl from the chat last year Stephanie flew in from Boston FOR A DAY to play Ocarina of Time, she was ok but I was getting a little annoyed with her contently bring up that she was a Feminist, I was raised with Feminism and like to think of my self as a Male Feminist as well but she was ALL about labeling her self, Repeating it over and over then setting rules on what can an can't be said around her, That's SO not my stile or what I'm down with But she was Pablo's friend so I bit my tongue tried to stay out of her way and (uncharacteristically) all non-confutation about it.

On the other hand I met some awesome girl's that I wish I could hung out again with but sadly can't, Amanda and Lauren stood out among the rest, I really hit it off with them. Amanda and I had a few long intimate conversation's the second night of the games but she's doing College in northern Florida somewhere and her life's really complicated right now, She's a beautiful person so hopefully we'll stay in touch.

Lauren and I only hangout for a short wile but I felt like I new her forever, She reminded me of my old friend Ele in her openness an warmth, she seems like someone you could snuggle up with on a rainy day and watch movies with. Only problem for me is she doesn't look it but she's 16 .. well 17 starting this week, I'm ok with hanging out with under age gal's, sadly when your 31 the world isn't. As immature as I am, teen girls with old soles always seem to get me more then women my age and end up always talking to me like I'm the child. ( go figure) Well if she asked I'm open to chill, everyone knows I'm a gentlemen with only good intentions, my only vice is girly feet but from the ankles up I'm always a good boy.

On that note, fucking foot jewelry! Fucking get's me every time, Miami girls are good with flip-flop but the only time they start piling on anklets and toe rings is when they hit 50 but there's something about growing up in the white Broward world on the other hand that makes them different. What ever the reason wearing them, Tina (Sean's girlfriend) and Amanda little sister were killing me the entire time I was there. I did what ever I could not to get caught glancing over and it didn't help that Tina's feet were so perfect with her silver toe rings an her ever so pink soles Gaaah! Then Amanda's sister was something strait out of a Larry Clark fantasy with cutoff shorts, toe rings and layered anklets hahaha Dam Amanda's hot, her sis is hot hell even the pic she showed of her mom was stunning talking about good genes for what it's worth.

The highlight at the Zeldathon end was this guy who donated something like $300,30 So I was asked to make a commemorative plack, so they could send him and everyone singed it.

OH it's saying "Well done jerk." because that was Links name in the game so
every time he beat a level you would see "____ Jerk"

All an all it was fun and after what went on with that New Zealand crap it was somthing to take my mind off it all, only thing that sucked was I'm starting to feel my age a little hanging out with them but that's only because of some bullshit conversation we all had about only 30 somethings used Myspace and not Facebook. God I don't think it has anything to do with age but it is a little annoying that you aren't considered fully Human unless your on Facebook, Twitter and have a fancy Cellphone, fuck it's like NO one ever watched Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Oh one last thing, as always I drew on half the girls there so I'll be posting some of the body art photos here once I clean them up a little.


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whats a Kappa?

If you don't know what are Kappa's

Well first off the Japanese have many facinating tales involving ghosts, demons, and nature spirits which are known as yokai (youkai). The yokai have their origins in the ancient Shinto religion, with the veneration of nature spirits and the worship of ancestors. The practice of Shinto beleifs involves ritual offerings of food at a temple or shrine to keep the spirit world appeased. Many places are sacred to the yokai and violation of these spaces can lead to misfortune or death.

KAPPA -- River Imp or Sprite
Origin = Shinto (with Chinese & Hindu Antecedents)
Kappa also called Kawatarō 河太郎
Kawako 河伯 or Kawaranbe 河ランベ
Gatarō がたろう or Enkō 猿猴
One of Many Japanese Suijin 水神 (Water Kami)

Kappa (河童?, "river-child"), alternately called Kawatarō (川太郎?, "river-boy") or Kawako (川子?, "river-child"), are legendary creatures; a type of water sprite found in Japanese folklore. In Shintō they are considered to be one of many suijin. A hair-covered variation of a Kappa is called a Hyōsube (ひょうすべ?).

Kappa are water creatures that inhabit rivers and ponds. In Japan's animist religion, Shinto, they are considered as one of many water deities. Although they are usually depicted as child sized scaly skinned and hard shelled creatures, their features often vary. They are sometimes represented with ape-like faces; at other times, they are shown as having frog or turtle-like bodies and faces. In those cases, their mouth often look like a bird's beak. Kappa's bodies are usually green, but can also be any shade between green and yellow, as well a blue. All stories agree on two points: the kappa smell like fish and they have a small round depression that contains water on the top of their heads. This hollow space is usually surrounded by long hair. Some say they can change color like the chameleon. They abhor metal objects and loud noises (cannon fire, gunfire, etc.).

The defining characteristic of the Kappa is the hollow cavity atop its head. This saucer-like depression holds a strength-giving fluid. Should you chance upon the quarrelsome Kappa, please remember to bow deeply. If the courteous Kappa bows in return, it will spill its strength-giving water, making it feeble, and forcing it to return to its water kingdom.

What do Kappa do?

Kappa are mischievous creatures. They like to play pranks on people, like looking under women's kimono, fart loudly, steal crops, etc. This may sound cute and funny, but they can also be serious troublemakers
. They are known to attack cattle, children and people, drag them into the river, suck their blood and take away their life force. Kids are the Kappa's favorite food and so even now, you can find signs with kappa on them close to rivers. Using old legends, the Japanese people prevent kids from getting too close to dangerous water areas. The only thing Kappa like better than children is cucumbers. In order to protect themselves, people use to throw cucumbers in the rivers they suspected kappa to inhabit.

About the size of a child aged 6 to 10, the Kappa is nonetheless incredibly strong. It attacks horses, cattle, and humans, usually dragging its prey into the water, where, according to various legends, it feeds on their blood, or drains their life force, or pulls out their livers through their anuses, or sucks out their entrails, leaving nothing behind except a hollow gourd. Stories tell of Kappa pulling little children into the water and drowning them. In many localities, drowning is still referred to as GAPPADOKO (ガーッパドコ). As drowning victims were sometimes found with a distended anus (swollen rectal), the Kappa is also sometimes called the shirokodama (anus) vampire. In some tales, the Kappa is associated with theft and raping women.

Kappa are mostly evil, but not always. When benevolent, the Kappa is supposedly a skilled teacher in the art of bone setting and other medical skills. In the real world of medicine, the term "kappa" refers to a monoclonal plasma cell related to bone marrow. (Note: Not yet able to confirm Kappa's bone-setting skills; but sounds very plausible, as most Shinto "kami" have some redeeming qualities.) In addition, the Kappa is always portrayed as trustworthy despite its many evil ways. When captured and forced to promise never again to harm anyone, the kappa always keeps its promise.

Kappa often help or mentor those who outwit them or capture them.

The Kappa's origin is difficult to verify precisely. But, by the Edo Period, illustrations of Kappa appear often in anthologies of supernatural tales, in comical paintings (giga), in ukiyo-e (woodblock prints), and in paintings accompanying verse (haiga). In 1910, Kappa lore gained nationwide popularity with the publication of Tono Monogatari (遠野物語; Legends of Tono) by Yanagida Kunio (1875-1962). In Tono Monogatari, Yanagida presented numerous tales of supernatural beings in the Tono area, including stories about the evil Kappa. Today the Kappa is typically depicted as a cute cartoon-like character and appears quite regularly in Japanese fiction, in cartoons for children (Urusei Yatsura, Tenchi Universe), as a cute mascot for commercial products, and in toys

family-oriented animated feature, called Summer Days With Coo.

  • Kappa Maki = Cucumber sushi rolls, a common Japanese food. The Kappa love cucumbers according to Japanese legend.
  • Okappa = Bobbed hairstyles that look like the Kappa's hair.
  • Kappa no Kawa Nagare = Even Kappa can drown. Even a Kappa can get carried away by the river. Kappa are excellent swimmers, so this is a proverb meaning "even an expert can make mistakes." There is a related proverb associated with the Monkey, which goes: Saru mo Ki Kara Ochiru. It means "Even monkies fall from trees."
  • Kappa no He = Much ado about nothing (literally "water-imp fart")
  • Kappa = Word for traditional straw raincoat worn by farmers

The chief delight of the quarrelsome Kappa is to challenge humans to single combat. Indeed, the Kappa delights in Japanese Sumo wrestling, and often challenges its victim to a sumo bout.

Kappa folk have a liking for cucumbers, a weakness that can be used to human advantage. According to one tale, an offering of cucumbers (on which are etched the name/age of family members) is enough to appease the Kappa, who thereafter will refrain from harming you and your family (need to find source for this). Even today, cucumber sushi in Japan is called "Kappa-maki".


The Kappa is sometimes called Kawako (literally "river child"). The name can be
traced to Kawako-no-miya (Shrine of the Kawako), located on the bank of the Kawachi river near Matsue/Izumo. Legend relates that a nasty Kappa was captured near here and forced to sign a note swearing never again to harm any of the people or animals in the area. Unable to write, the Kappa dipped its hand in the ink and pressed it on the document. The document remained among the shrine's relics, and the Kappa never broke the promise (the Kappa is always portrayed as trustworthy and courteous despite its many evil ways)

Sample Kappa Story
Once upon a time in the village of Kawachino there lived a man named Genta. He was from a distinguished family in the village and was so wise and brave that he was greatly respected by the villagers. His house was large and stood near a river which flowed through the village. The river was at its deepest at the bend near his house, and the water looked dark and unfathomable, being over six meters deep.

One summer evening, Genta came back from his outing and told his servants as usual to hitch his horse to a shady tree near the river. After taking a short rest, Genta stepped out into the garden and looked at the tree. To his surprise, a kappa, the size of a 6-7 year old boy was dragging the horse by its hind legs into the river. The silent horse was resisting the pull with its forelegs while strangely enough, the servant as if in a trance, was helping the small kappa by pouring water into the cavity on the kappa's head. The more the servant poured, the more powerful the kappa became.

Although Genta became very angry watching this scene, he had the presence of mind to think of a plan. From the shed he fetched a strong rope made of hemp palm and snuck up to the kappa from behind. Neither the servant nor the kappa noticed Genta's actions. He quickly caught hold of the kappa and dragged him away from the river, tying him up with the rope.

All of a sudden, the servant came out of his trance and followed his master's direction to hang the kappa upside down from the pine tree in the garden. Genta glared at the wicked water imp and reprimanded him. "What an insolent fellow you are! You take so much pride in your bit of supernatural powers and even try to steal horses from humans. You are very sinful indeed. I shall kill you as a warning to all of your fellow kappa."

With the precious water drained from his cavity, the kappa lost all his magic powers. The more he struggled, the tighter the rope cut into his flesh, making the pain even harder to bear. At last the kappa began to cry in a strange, harsh voice "please forgive me for mercy's sake my lord," he implored. "I'll not fail to make up for this crime, so please let me go." In tears, the the kappa begged Genta over and over again.

A kind hearted man by nature, Genta felt pity for the ugly creature who was crying. "If you swear with all your heart, I'll forgive you," he said to the kappa "but first, you must confess your sins and make restitution."

"I confess to you that I've done many wrongs," the kappa said. "I regret my past actions very much. Your authority is astonishing, so I promise you that even if the Kawachino River should flow upstream, I won't pull the people from this village into the water. Never will I do anything wrong again. Please spare my life today. I also promise to make all my fellow kappa keep this oath forever."

After the kappa swore his oath, Genta forgave him, took him down from the pine tree and untied the ropes. Placing both hands to the ground, the teary blue-eyed kappa bowed to him again and again. Then he asked Genta if he could go home to the bottom of the river.

"All right," Genta said, "but before you go, turn yourself around three times and recite your oath each time." The kappa obediently turned around 3 times, each time reciting his oath loudly. Kneeling down, he praised Genta, then went away.

After that incident, no more was to be heard of kappa in the village. Years later, Genta passed away, leaving behind the legend of subduing the kappa. The pine tree from which Genta hung the kappa, remained long after his death. Eventually however, the old pine tree too withered and died.

Whether the mystical kappa does in fact exist is still unknown. There is a sake manufacturing place in Imari called "Matsuura Ichishuzo" where, it is said that during restoration about 40 years ago, a small coffin was found between old boards containing a mummified kappa inside. The skeleton remains on display today for all who are interested in finding the truth.

- end