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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Old work - portrait of Leila

Old friend on space, I did another drawing of her but I can seem to find it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

That's it, my head just exploded

I've had a crush on Tribal Fusion Belly Dancer Rachel Brice for years now but it's only been for her performances, I've only read one and seen two interviews with her but this one nearly killed me when she describes her costume inspirations -

Whisper To Me in Hungarian - Rachel Brice & Frank London


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

First youtube VID! and Sculpture update1

My cameras rechargeable batteries are dying, so it's been hell trying to get the photo's I wanted to take but it also makes videos , so I thought what the hell. Ok so this is my first time EVER posting anything on youtube, sorry if it's a little crappy because the batteries dyed at the end of each one, I have to admit making this vid was a time saver and I'll be doing more latter on but I wont get carried away.

If you didn't see it before read the past post's called -
what's all this shit, where's the fucking ART

and for the back story on it check out -
So yeh [ಠ_ಠ]

Anyways enjoy -

MY Cult priestess Sculpture. P1 Sep, 2009


MY Cult priestess Sculpture. P2 Sep, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

FUCK mormon vampires!

I Hate vampires (BIG UP'S to werewolves!) but I hate shitty glittery mormon ones even more.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diary of a Mad Old Man (1987) Cannon Films

How did I ever miss this?! I'm SO getting it, for you that don't know my two favorite film genres are occult (Satanic sex orgy) genre films of the late 60's and early 70's and MOST OF ALL unrequited love movies or as I call um FUCKED UP LOVE MOVIES.

Movies like Lolita (1997), Gods and Monsters (1998) I just love watching love go wrong, So I don't know how I missed this one.

Diary of a Mad Old Man (1987) trailer (Cannon Films)

I can't find any info on it but it seems to be based on a Japanese book by Junichiro Tanizaki and there is a 1962 Japanese Film adaptation seen here but that's all I got so far, no IMDB links or anything as of yet. I got to admit I kinda feel weird about seeing it only because I sorta see my self ending up like this guy when I get old, god knows I'll never connect with someone my own age when I get that old that and how can I say this ... Well there nothing pleasant about old lady feet. Not to mention it's bad enough that I'm so easily manipulated, so that I can only see something like this happening to me in the future-

Oh well I guess like the movies I love I'm doomed, hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa suck.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Some pic's of stuff from last night at Jez's place

Jez and Mel's birthdays had just past and I dont like to show up empty handed so I made them Horns.

I also spent the night drawing on the girls, as always.

Was a good time, awesome food as always but most of all I always feel at home. My friend Lue went for the first time and stayed all night, So he seem to enjoy him self as well, we all sat around watching the (1985) movie Legend with tom cruise and Tim Curry, making fun of the insane amount of glitter Ridley Scott used to make the movie.

Well I'm going to try and finish some stuff up to post this weekend so stay tuned.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

what's all this shit, where's the fucking ART

Ok sorry, I had to dork out for a bit but back to my art work, Well here are some W.I.P photo's of the SO CALLED small simple side Sculpture that I talked about on Sunday, September 13, 2009

She's still really fugly at this point so I'm not going to show much but here's the back story, She's meant to be a sorta Cult priestess, sitting on an alter or some kind of key stone to a alternate dimension with H. P. Lovecraft stile monsters rising up from the ground to defend her.

That or she's just a necromancer.. meh, I'll leave it up to the viewer when she's done.

ON with the PIC's -

Oh her lower body is wrapped in saran wrap to keep the black Sculpey3 from smudging her skin, I'll try to post the concept art for her next time.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

♡♥ It's Webster DAY! ♥♡ (update)

I GOT ONE!!!!! Woohooo! thanks to a little navigation of Jenny on the proses of E-shopping with out paypal but yeah WOOOHOOO!

For most of you that don't get toy collecting, this stuff isn't the same as it was years ago, there is allot of hard work that goes in to making them now, people seem to take it fore granted that someone sculpt most these, then someone else had to figure out how to make it move and shrink the organelle 12" sculpture down to 6" or 4".

When I get him in the mail, I'll do a little story about Mattel and the guys that do ALL their toy sculpting/designing and why I'm so in love with everything they do.

Man it's SO fucking hard to get these bastards in the past, they only go on sale for ONE DAY, that's it! Then they go strait to the ebay scalpers who jack em up to $40 - $50 each, I ain't got that fuckin money, that's partly why this Webstor is my first one ever buying. Things are so bad
and Mattel got so many complaints that made a subscription service, where they send you the figures each month they are released-

Mattel announced via MattyCollector, their collector-focused online store, that beginning May 18th, they would be holding enrollment for a subscription service for their MattyCollector exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Enrollment will be open for only five days, ending on May 22nd. Matty promotes the service as a benefit to collectors sick of missing out on their figures due to limited quantities. As a matter of fact, here is the entire set of rules straight from Matty:

"Well we know fans have been waiting for an update and here it the latest:

  • The MOTU subscription program will be available May 18th through 22nd.
  • You can purchase as many subscriptions as you want. Each subscription includes the Sept – Dec 2009 MOTUC figures
  • Convention, rerelease and repaint figures are not included simply because not all fans may want the rereleases and convention figures may change in price or release date
  • We will have a 2010 subscription for Jan – Dec 2010 figures in mid August with the same rules applying
  • Once you purchase a subscription you are locked in (i.e. no refunds)
  • Figures will continue to be revealed about three months ahead of time, so yes, if you buy a subscription you are agreeing to purchase which ever figure comes out that month even if not revealed yet
  • Options will be available to be charged and have figures ship each month, or to have all figures held, shipped and be charged at the end of the year.
  • Figures will also still be available to purchase each month with the standard limit of 10 (if you want more than 1 of a certain figure for example)

A few additional details will be on MattyCollector.com on the news section tomorrow and I’ll do my best to check in here often to answer any other questions!

Hope this will really help those who want a complete set!


YEAH DUDE... I AIN'T GOT DAT MONEY! ... So this is what it has come to, folks. We are now reaching the level where we have to sign up just to have a chance to BUY toys from a toy company. I can understand to a certain extent, these aren't mass market toy store figures, they are geared towards a comparatively small demographic. But while distribution issues are a problem in places like Wal-Mart and TRU, the whole point of MattyCollector (at least, I thought) was to make the toys collectors wanted more readily available, as well as to avoid the whole scalping issue, not to require the signing up for a straight up subscription for first dibs.

They should know that anyhting from the 80's is huge right now, I cant remember the last time I went to Target and seen a kid looking at the 25th ann gi joes they oly LOVE Bakugan, It's always a grown man in the isle sorting through them...like me. Those who played with these when they were little are in their 30's now and can afford them, So why not put them these he-man figures there in large quantity.

But I got one, so I'm happy for now, next one I'm after is the revamp of Scareglow but he's not available till November 16, 2009

But hay they have yet to make any of the others that were in my army when I was a kid, so take a walk down memory lane with me and -

the Masters Of The Universe Action Figure archives


♡♥ It's Webstor DAY! ♥♡

Starting today exclusive figure of Webstor, the next figure in Mattel's online exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics toy line becomes available for fans to purchase TODAY! at MattyCollector.com 12:00 pm EST

Man when I was a kid the original Webstor from the He-Man toy line back in the 80's was one of my favorite's.

I have so many memory's flooding my mind every time I look at this thing - playing outside in my front yard, making him climb my door. Most of all just being a kid an growing up in Cambria Heights queens New York and living in a world of my own imagination, GOD so many good times.

He-Man Webstor Toy Commercial

Hopefully I'll get one before they are all sold out .


Sunday, September 13, 2009

So yeh [ಠ_ಠ]

Ok so last weekend I ran out of Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay)

That's the stuff I was using to make the kappa and most of my other stuff but wasn't able to get to the Michaels Arts & Crafts Store to pick up more, What I did have ALLOT of was left over Sculpey3-

witch is the smaller bricks of colored Sculpey. So not wanting to lose the creative momentum that came with starting this blog/project, I started a small "fast" side Sculpture, yeah just a quick one or so I thought. As some of you already know I started using colored Sculpey to make more animated looking character's, like my R,P,G Bad Folks and Cartoon styled Halloween Werewolf VS Vampire sculptures -

See the hardest part of doing sculptures for me not knowing airbrushing is painting, dry brushing and layering the paint takes centurys, using pre-colored Sculpey cuts the time but sorta looks flat after (well to me anyways) so this time I thought "why don't I do a light highlight with acrylic, to make it more lively!" .. yeah.

Here's what I found out the hard way, unlike Super Sculpey that is meant to be Gesso prime and painted, colored Sculpey a.k.a Sculpey3 will make your paint peel. After hours of work dry brushing my SO CALLED small simple side Sculpture white, I had to spend more time soaking & scrubbing it to get off all the peely paint. So your saying-

" where are the pics? I thought you made this blog to to document all the work you put in to your art."

Well when making monsters and other rough character's it's eraser to see the outcome when starting from scratch but if your trying to make a sculpture of a pretty girl, its a WAY bigger stretch of the imagination to show someone in the early stages.

Ugliness comes from making lots of wrinkles an lines in the face and creating beauty is the opposite, its harder it's about making smooth symmetric faces and bodes, but still having enough details to make it seem expressive and that's a hard thing to convey until completion or at least near completion.

In the end this was a experimental sculpture and I did come up with some interesting findings-

1. Seeing that the external acrylic paint wouldn't adhere, I relished I needed something more like dye, that meant Maker but markers look sloppy when applied strait, so I dabbed it with water collected the ink and left it to sit so the water would evaporate leaving the powdery pigment, therefor making a sorta inky water color.

2. Then I used Liquid Sculpey as a sealant.

I'll try to have some pic's up by the end out the night, once I finish up her arms.

but that's all for now.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Demodex folliculorum

Demodex folliculorum - tiny mites, less than 0.4 mm long, that lives in your pores and hair follicles.

These parasites are found in the human hair follicles, normally found in greater numbers around the cheeks and forehead. Each follicle can have a small colony of mite (Commonly 10 mites per follicle). They do not bite but sting. However, you cannot feel it, as they are microscopic. Their food is basically sebaceous secretions and dead cells of our bodies, mainly the cytoplasm. They do not defecate on our skin, however they do reproduce on it.

I think about them sometimes when I'm feeling lonely but then I remember they are living on me and everyone else, So no matter what we always have some to talk to. Meh.. It's kinda comforting in a odd why.