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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween sculpture 09


I know I said I'd have this posted by 12noon but I hit a few snags.

Ok so it done! My first Halloween theme sculpture, introducing..

Scary Larry Loves Halloween.

Larry is a Ghoul but he's a teen Ghoul so he refers to himself as the crypt kid.

Originally I wanted to title it "Scary Larry Loves Halloween, because he gets to hangout with the living kids." but that was WAY to long to paint on base...so yeah.

As you can tell Larry's a little reluctant that his costumes going to work but it his little buddy with the Jack-O-Lantern head is Sammy aka Samhain the spirit of Halloween and the brains behind this ingenious disguise of a (NORMAL HUMAN CHILD!)

Sammy - "Maaaan if they dress up like you monsters guys, why can't you dress up like them? I'm telling ya it's gonna work!"

Larry- "Sigh...I feel stupid"

Sammy - "Really, Cause you look fabulous!"

Larry- "I'm wearing a sign telling them I'm normal, no ones going to believe that."

Sammy - "Humans are dumb, Now focus! It's all about the free candy."

So that's the sorta conversation going on with them, As you can imagine it's going to be a interesting night for the kid's but hopefully all turns out well.

Like I said I've been working on it most of this week when I should of been sleeping and now I most move on back to the other stuff, For more info on "Scary Larry Love's Halloween" watch the youtube clip and I explain it all.

I heard that a few people cant see the youtube vid clips I've been posting, so I posted some photo's as backup but I dropped my digital camera and now it seem's the focus isn't what it used to be.. sucks.

All right, thats it

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Thanks for reading and have fun tonight.




Kamie said...

This is awesome! Very funny concept too. I dig it.

Cynica Jellybones said...

Love the little ghoul holding the pumpkin. it's very clever. Well done.

(Just so you know for next time, when you add an apostrophe and an s to something, like love's, it's like you're saying love is. So what it says there is "Scary Larry Love Is Halloween." Next time, you'd just want to put "Scary Larry Loves Halloween.") :)

The Ororbas Art & life of Me said...

Thanks Kamie :D

The Ororbas Art & life of Me said...

Ok I can just scrape off the ' I was going to ask you Jenny but it was to late/early to call when I was working on it.

Dolores said...

FAB FAB FAB wk...i love sammy...and i like larry's little wings...xoxoxo cuz

Cyn said...

I love it, you got Pablo's posture perfectly :)

Mel said...

It's awesome, doll. Just as I knew it would be... Your little pumpkin guy is SO fucking adorable (!!!). Overall, the presentation came out excellently. You should chip up/paint over that apostrophe if you haven't already but still, great work. Any ideas for more?

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