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Sunday, September 13, 2009

So yeh [ಠ_ಠ]

Ok so last weekend I ran out of Super Sculpey (Polymer Clay)

That's the stuff I was using to make the kappa and most of my other stuff but wasn't able to get to the Michaels Arts & Crafts Store to pick up more, What I did have ALLOT of was left over Sculpey3-

witch is the smaller bricks of colored Sculpey. So not wanting to lose the creative momentum that came with starting this blog/project, I started a small "fast" side Sculpture, yeah just a quick one or so I thought. As some of you already know I started using colored Sculpey to make more animated looking character's, like my R,P,G Bad Folks and Cartoon styled Halloween Werewolf VS Vampire sculptures -

See the hardest part of doing sculptures for me not knowing airbrushing is painting, dry brushing and layering the paint takes centurys, using pre-colored Sculpey cuts the time but sorta looks flat after (well to me anyways) so this time I thought "why don't I do a light highlight with acrylic, to make it more lively!" .. yeah.

Here's what I found out the hard way, unlike Super Sculpey that is meant to be Gesso prime and painted, colored Sculpey a.k.a Sculpey3 will make your paint peel. After hours of work dry brushing my SO CALLED small simple side Sculpture white, I had to spend more time soaking & scrubbing it to get off all the peely paint. So your saying-

" where are the pics? I thought you made this blog to to document all the work you put in to your art."

Well when making monsters and other rough character's it's eraser to see the outcome when starting from scratch but if your trying to make a sculpture of a pretty girl, its a WAY bigger stretch of the imagination to show someone in the early stages.

Ugliness comes from making lots of wrinkles an lines in the face and creating beauty is the opposite, its harder it's about making smooth symmetric faces and bodes, but still having enough details to make it seem expressive and that's a hard thing to convey until completion or at least near completion.

In the end this was a experimental sculpture and I did come up with some interesting findings-

1. Seeing that the external acrylic paint wouldn't adhere, I relished I needed something more like dye, that meant Maker but markers look sloppy when applied strait, so I dabbed it with water collected the ink and left it to sit so the water would evaporate leaving the powdery pigment, therefor making a sorta inky water color.

2. Then I used Liquid Sculpey as a sealant.

I'll try to have some pic's up by the end out the night, once I finish up her arms.

but that's all for now.



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