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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Demodex folliculorum

Demodex folliculorum - tiny mites, less than 0.4 mm long, that lives in your pores and hair follicles.

These parasites are found in the human hair follicles, normally found in greater numbers around the cheeks and forehead. Each follicle can have a small colony of mite (Commonly 10 mites per follicle). They do not bite but sting. However, you cannot feel it, as they are microscopic. Their food is basically sebaceous secretions and dead cells of our bodies, mainly the cytoplasm. They do not defecate on our skin, however they do reproduce on it.

I think about them sometimes when I'm feeling lonely but then I remember they are living on me and everyone else, So no matter what we always have some to talk to. Meh.. It's kinda comforting in a odd why.


suzi.poop said...

I am looking into something, maybe Im crazy (probably) but twice maybe three times now I have pulled this oh so tiny thing out of the same area of my arm, out of a pore that I swear resembles some sort of bug. Im going crazy with this ... I need to know some answers.

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