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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

♡♥ It's Webster DAY! ♥♡ (update)

I GOT ONE!!!!! Woohooo! thanks to a little navigation of Jenny on the proses of E-shopping with out paypal but yeah WOOOHOOO!

For most of you that don't get toy collecting, this stuff isn't the same as it was years ago, there is allot of hard work that goes in to making them now, people seem to take it fore granted that someone sculpt most these, then someone else had to figure out how to make it move and shrink the organelle 12" sculpture down to 6" or 4".

When I get him in the mail, I'll do a little story about Mattel and the guys that do ALL their toy sculpting/designing and why I'm so in love with everything they do.

Man it's SO fucking hard to get these bastards in the past, they only go on sale for ONE DAY, that's it! Then they go strait to the ebay scalpers who jack em up to $40 - $50 each, I ain't got that fuckin money, that's partly why this Webstor is my first one ever buying. Things are so bad
and Mattel got so many complaints that made a subscription service, where they send you the figures each month they are released-

Mattel announced via MattyCollector, their collector-focused online store, that beginning May 18th, they would be holding enrollment for a subscription service for their MattyCollector exclusive Masters of the Universe Classics toy line. Enrollment will be open for only five days, ending on May 22nd. Matty promotes the service as a benefit to collectors sick of missing out on their figures due to limited quantities. As a matter of fact, here is the entire set of rules straight from Matty:

"Well we know fans have been waiting for an update and here it the latest:

  • The MOTU subscription program will be available May 18th through 22nd.
  • You can purchase as many subscriptions as you want. Each subscription includes the Sept – Dec 2009 MOTUC figures
  • Convention, rerelease and repaint figures are not included simply because not all fans may want the rereleases and convention figures may change in price or release date
  • We will have a 2010 subscription for Jan – Dec 2010 figures in mid August with the same rules applying
  • Once you purchase a subscription you are locked in (i.e. no refunds)
  • Figures will continue to be revealed about three months ahead of time, so yes, if you buy a subscription you are agreeing to purchase which ever figure comes out that month even if not revealed yet
  • Options will be available to be charged and have figures ship each month, or to have all figures held, shipped and be charged at the end of the year.
  • Figures will also still be available to purchase each month with the standard limit of 10 (if you want more than 1 of a certain figure for example)

A few additional details will be on MattyCollector.com on the news section tomorrow and I’ll do my best to check in here often to answer any other questions!

Hope this will really help those who want a complete set!


YEAH DUDE... I AIN'T GOT DAT MONEY! ... So this is what it has come to, folks. We are now reaching the level where we have to sign up just to have a chance to BUY toys from a toy company. I can understand to a certain extent, these aren't mass market toy store figures, they are geared towards a comparatively small demographic. But while distribution issues are a problem in places like Wal-Mart and TRU, the whole point of MattyCollector (at least, I thought) was to make the toys collectors wanted more readily available, as well as to avoid the whole scalping issue, not to require the signing up for a straight up subscription for first dibs.

They should know that anyhting from the 80's is huge right now, I cant remember the last time I went to Target and seen a kid looking at the 25th ann gi joes they oly LOVE Bakugan, It's always a grown man in the isle sorting through them...like me. Those who played with these when they were little are in their 30's now and can afford them, So why not put them these he-man figures there in large quantity.

But I got one, so I'm happy for now, next one I'm after is the revamp of Scareglow but he's not available till November 16, 2009

But hay they have yet to make any of the others that were in my army when I was a kid, so take a walk down memory lane with me and -

the Masters Of The Universe Action Figure archives



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