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Monday, August 31, 2009

Fixations, Larry Clark and Fucked up Teens

After seeing this one gal during Zeldathon, I've become fixated with thin trampy girls, If you know me when it come to drawing women I tend to go threw a sorta flavor of the month thing and obsess on obscure little things like clothes, mannerisms , stereotypes.

That I'm compelled to recreated in any artistic medium I can get my hands on.

Here's a few -

A) Girls in Suspenders and cutoff shorts.

B) Chubby gal's laying on their tummy's with their feet up behind them.

C) Women with Smoking pipes

D) Girls that ship off their shoes under tables and sit hugging their knees and play with their toes at restaurants.

E) Dangling Dr Scholls

F) When a girls are chewing gum, wraps it's around their finger and pulls it.

G) 80s fitness girls. (this Video's So tacky but I can't help loving it)

H) Flat chested girls in baggy Spaghetti Strap Tank tops that keep's falling off the shoulders causing Nip SlipWardrobe Malfunctions but she really doesn't give a fuck.

I) Leg warmers and flipflops.

J) Long Mirrored Gypsy Skirts and black leather jackets

K) The clinking sound that comes from bangles when a women tucks her hair behind her ear.

L) Barefooter Redheads

M) The Amish

- Anyways you get the point.

So yeah now it's skinny tramps and I've drawn a few pin-up, one loosely based on the girl that inspired all this and another that I'm calling "babysitter cliche" that I'll post here as soon as I color it. The reason all this started is that girl almost sorta reminded me of a character you would see in Director Larry Clark's (2001) film Bully, The ONLY film that I've ever seen that portrays the aimless Suburban Youth of Broward County so accurately and is based on actual events.

The movie is based on the 1993 murder of Bobby Kent in Cooper City, a suburb west of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Specifically, Marty Puccio (Renfro), Alice Willis (Phillips), Lisa Connelly (Miner), and others are the real-life counterparts of the characters in the film. Many of the convicted teens were released after serving several years in prison; today, only three are still serving prison sentences.

It's a sleazy movie about sleazy people directed by a sleazy guy, whats not to love?

My favorite character Heather June Swallers played by Kelli Garner-

Purely of esthetics there's not much to Heather's character, her brain is a fresh piece of toast so she's pretty much just a hot zombie in shorts an barefeet but as you guessed that's what I LOVE about her. Dont get me wrong, I've known girls like her in real life and I didn't much enjoy their company or would I invite them in my house but they are fun to watch from a safe distance and recreate in my art but so far I haven't done it as well as I'd liked.

The only thing that comes close to capturing that same feeling of sexy scummyness Larry Clark brings to his films that is represented in illustrations of Ross Campbell

And recently I discoved the work of German artist Biele

So hopefully with my attempt of capturing the essence of suburban tramp will be as successful as theirs, So as soon as finish coloring first my "babysitter cliche" I'll post it here and I better work quick because I'll need to finish it before I impulsivity move on to my next fixation, God only knows what silliness that'll be.



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