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Monday, August 24, 2009

*NEW WORK* Kosamebou Statue wip pic's 2

Well the Kappa has new arms, fucking took me long enough.

When I started this piece WAY back in July I thought I'd be painting it by now (To think of it, back then I never thought I wouldn't be single again ether) just goes to show you never know how life's going to turn out, you can plan all you want but you never know what life's going to toss at you.

Anyways here are the second set of Work in Progress (WIP) pic's of my new Kappa Statue -

It's hard to make out but he's holding a empty Saki gord in his left hand. The arm's are still unbaked, I still need to detail the scales on them and after that I'll start working on Shell, I don't think the cams picking it up but I changed the head a little since I last posed photo's. I added more to the jaw line an the chin, as well as to the forehead, I still need to fix his eyebrows but I'm still thinking it over if it's necessary or not.

Well it''s monday so this is my last day to work before Mom gets back, better strike while the iron's hot an get as much done as I can, looks like it's going to be a LONG week but there's light at the end of the tunnel.



Jez said...

Love the change. The new arms better suit his proportions and posture. Of course, that's just the seamstress's opinion!

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