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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Organize my life an art as best as I can.

So I'm trying to organize my art more, I'm goin to try to document more of my work from start to finish, hopefully so I can get more work done in a good time line.

So I've started a 7'' Kappa and a 4" servant to go with him.

This piece is really an excuse to start working with resin, as I want to make it look like the two kappa's are standing in water at the edge of a pond with lily pads, reeds, fish and maybe a frog an a turtle if I can pull it all off.

But in the end this is sorta a first step to understanding resin's an one day resin casting, As a sculptor not knowing casting and airbrushing has hindered my work. I never had a cemetery class and I'm not very good ate reading recipes Instructions so this ain't going to be easy but seeing the work of guys like -


Stuff like his work reminds me that I could create something that can foster the same feeling for toy's that I had when I made up my own characters from cutout paper as a kid.

I have SO many ideas for Toy designs floating around my head an if I wait to one day be discovered, will never see the light of day.

One of my dream's is to one day have a line of my own small 2" tall monster toys smiler to the 80's Hasbro Battle Beasts or the Monster in My Pocket by Matchbox in 1990's. They were fun little things to collect but more importantly easy to recreate in a small custom line if I knew how to do it.

That's just one idea I have more much MORE, that I will talk about latter on.



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