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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pink soles Blue Monday

Pink soles Blue Monday Jordin on her tummy, In honor of lovely web Muse lady J, Hope she likes it.

I'm trying to get more illustration work up be for I go back to working on sculptures, I'm trying to re-setup my deviantart and I've got a LOT of un colored work laying around that I thought I should get to.

I'm also planning on doing some ACEO Cards to hopefully get some more money on the side, thanks to Lestre Escoto for the heads up.

I'm still stressing on my POCKET GODS Hades and Ares, Chibi 3inch figures I've got 139Votes from awesome People but still I need 300 Votes to win and then start working on getting people to pre-order, And getting people to put money down on a idea isn't a easy task.




Lesther Escoto said...

Sweet dude. I look forward to seeing them. We should hang one day and make them together. keep one another motivated.

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